Sinéad Glynn Ceramics

Alternative fired contemporary ceramics

Sinéad Glynn, Ceramic artist/designer.

My work is about the co-existance of the unique with the similar and how these similarities are made unique by their attributes. I have explored this idea through the cellular structure of DNA and molecules, which makes us all alike yet unique.

I have been developing these concerns through the medium of clay and using raku and smoke firings. The random and seemingly uncontrollable effects of these firings excite and challenge me. The forms my pieces take indirectly reference cellular studies and have evolved through the process of carving plaster.


I shall continue to research and expand this study to include the notions of uniqueness/similarity, large/small scale and positive/negative space. My methodologies involve experimentation with raku/naked raku, smoke and reduction firings, and the development of sculptural forms through the material of clay.